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Average Savings: 10% to 20% or More with Better Plan Designs


We have A Gift For You To Enhance Employee Productivity

....for taking the short 6 question survey.     

Focus Bundle

"Discover The Tips and Strategies To Keep Your Employees Focused In a World Full of Distractions"

In this course, your team will learn the very steps that highly productive people use to stay focused and get more done.

Any Doctor | Any Hospital | Anywhere

Fully approved ACA plans allow you to use any doctor or hospital in the US!  Contractually guaranteed- No balance bill exposure!  No need to be tied to a HMO or PPO for your medical insurance coverage!

Save 10-20% Or More With Better Plan Designs

Group Medical and Rx, Group Life, AD&D, Dental, Vision, Group STD and LTD, Group Long Term Care, Group Medicare Advantage/Supplement, Group Home and Auto Discount Coverage. 

Two Layers Of Customer Service

For the CEOs, CFOs and HR directors, this is all designed to make your lives easier and reduce the stress in providing 1st class solutions on behalf of your employees, 1099s and their families!


Save 10-20% plus

  • You can realize a 10-20% or more annual premium savings, with equal or better plan designs!  
  • It's time to put that profit/surplus back to your bottom line while providing better outcomes and lower costs for all of your group benefits programs!  
  • For groups of any size, anywhere in the US!


Happier Employees

  • Offer your employees a BETTER BENEFITS PLAN without increasing costs and in turn, reduce turnover by increasing job satisfaction.  
  • Studies have shown that rather a pay increase, 92% of employees say they want more affordable and better group benefits coverage and that benefits are important to their overall job satisfaction, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
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Great retention and recruiting tool for 1099s!

  • 99.9% of all insurance carriers in the US will not offer eligibility to 1099s and their families for group benefits!  
  • Now, there are 2 very unique and very cost and coverage effective solutions available for your 1099s!  
  • Same coverage as if they were your W2 employees!
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What Our Clients Say


If your looking for a solution that will INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE then you need to talk to Steve. He has a KILLER way to increase profits through his SCMS program. What is SCMS you ask? It’s a way to reduce your business employee medical benefits insurance costs. INNOVATIVE, LEGAL and REAL. All I ask is that you connect with Steve, the consummate professional, so he can give you an analysis that will BLOW YOU AWAY when you see the savings!


I have been extremely impressed with the innovative approaches Steve has devised to allow significant savings in employee health plan costs. The approach meets all IRS rules, does not reduce benefits or costs the employee a penny. With what the Affordable Care Act will impose on businesses this is the easiest and most effective way to incur huge savings I have seen. Great job, Steve


Steve is massively disrupting the group health insurance space. His proprietary strategies are delivering BIG savings to employers. The guy has done his homework. He has IRS rulings, legal counsel, bulletproof plan designs… everything is top-shelf and what you would expect from an industry veteran who has been in the business since 1981.

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Stand Alone Groups, Corporate Member Associations and Chambers of Commerce.
Real estate, Manufacturing, Trucking, Wealth Management, Technology, Health care, etc.

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